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FAQ: Content on the ledwall in studio 1

When preparing your content for use in studio 1 “The Arena”, you might want to create content to display on the ledwall. As you might already have seen, the ledwall has not a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. So please, use this guide when creating video and/or still content to display during your event or recording.

1. Use the template

For easy content creation that exactly fits the ledwall, we have created a template that can be used in Photoshop, Première, After Effects, … to use as a mask. By putting the mask on top of your content, you can see exactly what will be visible on the ledwall.

Video or still image, for both we need a file with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (the size of the template). You can render the template on top of the file, no one will see the black parts.

2. Changing titles

It is possible that during your event or recording, you want titles (or certain other element) to change, while the background stays the same. In that case we need:

  • the background (jpg, png or mp4 with resolution 1920 x 1080, using the template)
  • a png-file for every fix title
  • a MOV-file ProRes 422 with alpha channel for every moving title

3. Example

By using the ledwall in its full surface, you make the content really fit in The Arena. To give you an idea on how to create content for the screen, we have an example for you:

4. Questions?

You still have questions, or you are not sure on how to create your content? Feel free to contact us through You’re very welcome.