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Power Point as background on a green key

Can I use a power point presentation as the background of my green key recording? Of course, but keep some things in mind:

The format of the Power Point presentation

One of the most common mistakes when using Power Point as a background on green key is not taking into account where the presenter is in the image. As in the example below.


It can be a style, but if the intention is to present the slides visibly at all times, then you must take this into account in the layout of the slides:

  • either you choose to format the slides in 4:3 format
  • or you choose to format the slides in 16:9 format, but you keep 1/3 of the width free. Left or right, that’s up to you, depending on where you want to put the presenter

In this example, the formatting of the slide continues behind the speaker so that everything feels like one, but the text is placed so that there is enough space on the left to put the speaker and on the right all the text is perfectly legible to the viewer without the speaker in front of it.



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