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Personalised Q&A microphones

Q&A sessions can be a crucial part of any event. At Media Arena, we make Q&A sessions fun, and that’s why we use Catchbox microphones as a fun and engaging way to facilitate audience participation.

The unique design of Catchbox allows for an interactive and inclusive experience where attendees can easily pass the microphone to one another, making the Q&A process more dynamic and enjoyable for everyone involved.

And what’s more, Media Arena offers the option to brand these Catchbox microphones to fit your specific event style or brand.

With our customizable branding options, your Catchbox microphones can become a part of your overall event design, adding a unique and professional touch to your Q&A sessions. The Catchbox microphones are the perfect addition to enhance audience engagement and add a personal touch to your event. And you can reuse them, event after event again.