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The Foyer

Or in other words: the place for food, drinks and talks.

Organising an event – whether that is in-person, hybrid or virtual – has always the goal to connect. Media Arena and Cmore understand this need, so the integration of a cosy meeting space into Media Arena was therefore an obvious one. And with success. It may be clear: after an event in one of the studios, people like to linger in the foyer. And so do we.

But The Foyer has even more to offer. Since 2023 this meeting space can double in capacity, thanks to the Foyer Extension. This new facility is a multifunctional space, allowing in-person meetings for 120 persons. Or, really as an extension of The Foyer, to put stands of sponsors, for example.

Whatever your plans, The Foyer provides a cozy space that allows for face-to-face interaction.

The Foyer

Everything you need to gather together

The foyer is built to connect: whether that’s a small debriefing after a webinar or a reception or walking diner after a hybrid meeting. The foyer can even be extended. Think of an exhibitor area or a physical meeting space, for example. Or a dancefloor.




The Foyer

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The Foyer

Where Conversation Flows as Freely as the Drinks