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Step into a world of endless possibilities at Media Arena, the brand new and innovative event and content production venue near Brussels. The Media Arena studios are designed for content creators and event organisers who want to push the boundaries and explore new frontiers.

With an array of studio options to choose from, including virtual event spaces, podcast studios, and video production facilities, you’ll have all the tools you need to create something truly unforgettable. And, the hybrid spaces offer the perfect balance of in-person and virtual capabilities, giving you the flexibility to engage with your audience no matter where they are. So if you’re ready to take your events and audiovisual content productions to the next level, come join us at Media Arena and see what’s possible!

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Facilities That Rock Your Socks

Studio 1

The Arena

An in-person, hybrid or virtual event … Our flagship studio The Arena offers all three possibilities, with a live audience of max. 206 persons on site, and an unlimited number of virtual attendees.

Studio 2

The Loft

The Loft is a warm and cozy virtual setting or even a television decor with both a table setup and a salon setting. And, last but not least, a retro radio cabinet.

Studio 3

The Block

Whether you have a video recording, a live webinar or a podcast in mind, The Block is multifunctional and simply offers all of them. And perhaps many more.

Studio 4

The Greenroom

A presentation in the desert, on the moon or in front of the Eifel tower? In The Greenroom we simply replace the green backdrop with the background of your choice.

Registration area

The Entrance

Hybrid and in-person events require a dedicated registration area. Guests, speakers, artists, … they all deserve an appropriate reception upon entering Media Arena.

Networking & meeting

The Foyer

Networking, connecting and building relationships over snacks and drinks is what The Foyer (and its extension) is for. A reception, breakfast, lunch or diner: everything is possible.

Meeting room

The Level

The Level meeting room provides the ideal setting for meetings of up to 16 persons and has several multimedia possibilities. Coffee, tea and soft drinks included.

Meeting room

The Cloud

The Cloud meeting room provides the ideal setting for meetings of up to 12 persons and has several multimedia possibilities. Coffee, tea and soft drinks included.

Breaking Boundaries

How Media Arena's team supports you every step of the way

Project management

A very thorough project management ensures a strong production. During each step of the production one of our project managers keeps you informed and up-to-date. Just as you expect.


We dare to look at things from two perspectives: the client's point of view, but also the viewpoint of the viewer/target audience. That's the only way to get excellent results.

Down-to-earth mentality

You don't get unintelligible vocabulary or magic magic hocus pocus words. Instead, you can expect plain human language so that everyone involved knows perfectly well what to expect.

What event or audiovisual production do you have coming up?

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Offices, studios & production

Media Arena's location makes it a breeze to reach

Media Arena takes accessibility to the next level. Our prime location in Zellik's Research Park makes us unbeatable in terms of convenience and ease of access. Situated at only 300 meters of one of the main R0 exits, we're easily accessible from all directions and offer the perfect central location for your next event or audiovisual production.

Z1 Researchpark 30, 1731 Zellik (Asse), Belgium

Phone: +32 (0)2 883 75 16

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